Yuki Tsunoda decides to stay in F1 Scuderia AlphaTauri, wants to see a race that surprises the world (Web Motor Magazine) – Yahoo! News

The team also hailed him as a “very talented driver”.

[Cliquez ici pour les photos]First of all, there are 6 races left, and I want you to see them (4 photos in total)

Yuki Tsunoda started karting at an early age and won the FIA-F4 title in Japan in 2018 as part of Honda’s driver development program. His run there was recognized by Red Bull and he joined the Red Bull Junior team, and from 2020 he will compete in the FIA ​​F2 championship, which is a lower category of F1, from Carlin. Leaving behind he made his F1 debut in 2021 from Alpha Tauri. Yuki Tsunoda has gained three points so far this season and is 11th in the driver standings. Franz Tost of Scuderia AlphaTauri commented: “He is a very talented driver and he is improving in 2022.” Although not widely known in Japan, he was early hailed as a “future F1 driver candidate” by those involved in racing in Europe, showing that he had something Japanese drivers didn’t. not so far.

Certainly the sense of presence as a ‘team member’ is beginning to emerge.

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