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This season, the Giants are sluggish, ranking 5th in the Central League (as of September 14). Tatsuro Hirooka, an alumnus of Giants, said, “It can be said that the Golden Age of Giants will never return with the current team building,” said Tatsuro Hirooka. (Second)

*This article was written by Tatsuro Hirooka7 Reasons Giants Can’t Win](Gentosha) has been reissued.

Giants manager Tatsunori Hara replenishes the water during pitch maintenance after the fifth inning = August 24, 2022, Tokyo Dome

Photo = Jiji Press Photo

Giants manager Tatsunori Hara replenishes the water during pitch maintenance after the fifth inning = August 24, 2022, Tokyo Dome

It is natural for Hara to take responsibility and resign himself.

Last season, the Giants missed out on the Central League’s third straight win and they were unable to challenge the Japan Series for the first time in nine years. For director Tatsunori Hara, the curtain has closed on the three-year contract of the worst season.

However, the giant recently renewed the 3-year contract with Hara. The giants are no longer the best in Japan since 2012. Above all, Hara lost 8 consecutive games in 2 years against his former rival Kudo Softbank in the Japan Series for 3 years.

Matsutaro Shoriki, the Giants’ first owner, said, “Thank you for your hard work. You did a great job.” From my point of view, having fought in such a climate, Hara, like SoftBank director Kimiyasu Kudo, who lost the V5 of the Japan Series, should take responsibility and resign himself.

The easy-to-win baseball prize has flipped

Still, the Giants gave Hara the job of rebuilding the “Collapsed Giant”, but as a baseball veteran, I wanted Hara to leave the Giants once and challenge a weak team or a struggling team.

So in 2015, when I finished my second coaching, I called Hara and said, ‘Next time teach a weak team,’ he said.

“It’s good to coach the Giants and be called a great manager, but a real great manager has to strengthen a weak team and win the Japan Series. That way you can learn from the players and learn real baseball. can do

At that time, Hara said, “Well, I learned a good thing”, but after that, he became the manager of the giants again.

And as usual, he continued to play baseball like an all-star game by bringing together key players who had been trained by other teams through the FA (free agency) and trade. Last season was the first time in four years that they lost 10 games in a row, and they lost for the first time in three years.

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