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“In a match like today, I should have attacked more.”

“After 40 minutes of bad weather, I felt we didn’t have the strength to win.”

Stephanie Mauka of the Japanese women’s basketball team looked back after the second round of the 2022 Women’s World Cup group stage, which was beaten by Serbia 64-69.

Japan only led 13 seconds over 40 minutes in this game. There was a wave even though it was almost a hunting development. Especially in the 1st quarter, they struggled against the high and well-coordinated Serbian defense, giving up 9-24 and the big quarter. Japan struggled to return the ball and couldn’t shoot at their own pace. Scored 6 free throws, a game record (tie).

Contributes to the team not only in attack but also in rebound and defense. The score was only 5 points, but Stephanie lifted +9, a team high, while most players were negative in the plus or minus which represents goal difference at the time of participation.

Stephanie, who caused a lot of fouls due to aggressive attacks and scuffles under goal, revealed her frustration saying: “Since I decided to go for it, I wanted to finish firmly until the end.” “Even in defense, I couldn’t make the rotation in time, and the opponent scored a shot at the end.”

Also, from a third-party perspective, Stephanie appeared to be attacking aggressively, but she continued, “In a match like today, I should have attacked more.” β€œI was a bit lost, and I felt like I was making a turnover when the flow was bad.

By the end of the first half, Japan had reduced the gap to 4 points, as Stephanie said: β€œIt started to resonate. ” Let’s go.

stephanie water bottles

“I can’t move on to the next unless I out-scout my opponent”

In this match, Japan suffered from team shooting touches. Yesterday against Mali he made 16 of 37 3-point shots, but today against Serbia he made 5 of 22 shots. Against a strong team, if the long-range cannon, which is the lifeline of Japan, can not be decided, it will be a difficult development. Of course, there are times when the sprout does not enter because it is said to be water. Moreover, Japan not only won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, but was able to be chased by the world, but today’s opponent leader Serbia has coached Denso for two seasons until last season. Markovich, she is very familiar with Japanese baskets and individual characteristics.

Stephanie said, “I felt like I was doing a lot of research on individuals”, but also expressed a sense of crisis, saying, “That’s why I can’t move forward unless I get past it.”

Regarding the 3-point shot, which is his lifeline, he said: “On the contrary, today’s game made me realize that the 3-point shot was too much of an option, and we didn’t couldn’t think of the moves. other players.” “Yesterday the Mali defense came in, so I was able to shoot, but we had to face Serbia, who adapted well.”

Only the top 4 out of 6 teams can advance to the group stage. Japan now have 1 win and 1 loss in the 5 game round robin group league. Of course, no game is good to lose, but as Stephanie says, this game against Serbia was a wake-up call.

Japan will face Canada on the 25th with a day in between, followed by France on the 26th and Australia on the 27th. I want you to do that.

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