Slanderous damage from colleague’s wife… Suffering revealed by Seibu and Sosuke Genda Denial of angry screams at Haruka Yamada “Different from fact”: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

The web version of Weekly Bunshun reported that the wife of Seibu Lions captain Sosuke Genda, an infielder (29), was slandered by his teammate’s wife on SNS, and Genda explained the circumstances on his Instagram.

On September 21, 2022, Bunshun Online was slandered on Instagram by Genda’s wife, former Nogizaka 46 member Misa Eto (29), the same infielder Seibu Haruka Yamada (Haruka).

  • Infielder Sosuke Genda (Photo: Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports)

    Infielder Sosuke Genda (Photo: Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports)

  • Infielder Sosuke Genda (Photo: Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports)

“Internal team information and personal information continued to be exposed for approximately two years.”

According to her, when a direct message (DM) arrived on Mr. Eto’s Instagram and was asked by the court to release the sender’s information, it was said to be the wife of Mr. Eto. Mr Yamada. When Mr. Genda and Mrs. Genda gave birth to their eldest son in January 2010, dozens of DMs arrived on Mr. Eto’s Instagram, and the content escalated. Feeling threatened for his own safety, he consulted a lawyer and decided to demand disclosure of the sender’s information.

Bunshun’s article reported that Genda cried in front of the players and staff in late August, saying, “I can’t forgive you”, and that Yamada was also there.

In response to this report, Genda updated his Instagram on the 21st and cut, “I’m sorry to hear about the weekly magazine report this time.” I’d love to talk to you about it,” he said. He then explained the process leading up to the disclosure request as follows.

“In this case, the team’s internal and personal information has been exposed in the public comment section of our SNS for approximately two years. Our home address, pregnancy, etc. Due to the continued exposure of this information , not only did I move , but I was also in mortal danger. I thought that a member of the team telling an acquaintance was being abused, so I decided that it was extremely malicious and that I would request disclosure of my account to protect myself.”

To his colleague Yamada, he said, “Consult the team you don’t want us to take away baseball.”

Genda said he wanted to appeal to the world, but when the sender was identified as a teammate’s wife, he said, “I want to do everything in secret and not take the baseball away from the player. J ‘consulted the club,’ he said.

And following discussions with the team, it is said that he will only explain the facts out of his own mouth to his teammates.

Regarding the introduction of the story that Bunshun complained about “I cannot forgive” in front of Yamada, he refuted as follows.

“In the media there are cries of anger and tears of frustration. It’s out. Also, the player in question is not taking part in this meeting.”

Finally, “Since the peaceful daily life has returned, we want nothing more. And we would be grateful if you would consider not criticizing or slandering the other party’s family.”

On September 21, his wife Eto also featured Genda’s post on her official Instagram story.

(Hiroyuki Noguchi, J-CAST News editorial department)

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